Dr. Song Xianhai participates in the compilation of academic monograph
[ Source:CRSRI   Author:Song Xianhai

Recently, The monograph named Search Algorithms and Applications was published by INTECH OPEN ACCESS PUBLISHER(ISBN:978-953-307-156-5). Dr. Song Xianhai from Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute was invited to compile chapter 21. The book demonstrates the principles and the wide applicability of search algorithms for the purpose of developing useful and practical solutions to problems in a variety of domains. It is composed of three parts totaling 24 chapters: Population-based and quantum search algorithms, Search algorithms for image and video processing, as well as Search algorithms for engineering applications.

Dr. Song Xianhai, invited by Prof. Nashat Mansou in computer science participated in the compilation of chapter 21 named Pattern Search Algorithms for Surface Wave Analysis. In this chapter, a class of novel deterministic algorithms for global optimization called pattern search algorithms is proposed. The principles, inversion mechanisms, and inversion flows of pattern search algorithms for surface inversion are described in detail here. The settings of the key control parameters of proposed methods, such as initial mesh size and pattern, expansion factor and contraction factor, complete poll and complete search strategies, random noise and a comparative test with genetic algorithms are further discussed.

The monograph provides references for college teachers and students and engineering technicians in computer science, algorithm design, geophysics and image processing.





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